Signet Recording

Image: texel lambs

We have been recording with Signet for the past fifteen years.  Figures are a great management tool, but must be accepted as that.  We do not buy in or select only onfigures as the animal standing in front of you has to fulfil all your requirement sof correct conformation as well as having figures to show good growth rate and muscle depth.

In 2014 we were joint runners up in the Most Improved Recorded Texel Flock.  We also saw great interest in our flock from new breeders wishing to build up High Index flocks from good quality Signet recorded animals.  Twenty seven Texel breeding ewes changed hands in 2014 and we wish our purchasers every success for the future.  Over fifty Texel shearling rams were sold into commercial flocks with a further three pedigree rams going out into other pedigree flocks, and several going abroad.


Miserden Blue Texels has been “in flock” recording for the past three years along with three other Blue Texel flocks.  Unlike the white Texels which we have recorded across flocks for over 20 years and where the majority of our sheep are in the top 10% of the entire recorded Texel flocks, the Blues only show which have higher figures within each flock.  This of course is a good management tool, but until we record across flocks, which may come next year, it is impossible gauge one flock against another.

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